Srim Enterprises, LLC, is one of the leading technical food and research services companies in the United States. Our mission is to provide quality scientific resources and technologies needed to produce the high quality foods today's well informed consumers are expecting. We use our national and international experience to meet these needs. The president of the company, Dhyaneshwar "Danny" B. Chawan, Ph.D., is known as one of the premier food scientists.

On our web site, you will find information on the research and services we offer to the food industry

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Large food companies are downsizing, and basic services are increasingly outsourced for cost-effective management.

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Research & Development and Technical Service departments are the primary targets of downsizing.

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Smaller food companies generally do not have dedicated departments for product development and technical services. Usually one person manages quality control, product development, and technical services.

With over 45+ years of research and development expertise in the food industry, some of our accomplishments include:

  • Unique and cost effective quality control test procedures to assure consistent premium quality of pasta imported from Italy.
  • Product and process patents for pasta, cheese, and other nutritional items.
  • Unique quality control methods to tackle stickiness problems in the manufacture of marshmallows and caramel-coated popcorn.
  • Developed testing and processing procedures to prevent/control sediment formation in bottled citrus juices.
  • Developed numerous stabilizers for food service products in the international market.
  • Provide training of domestic and international personnel in quality control and quality assurance.
  • Functional Nutrition Snack Bars, Beverages, Breakfast items, etc.
  • Encapsulation of functional ingredients for specific applications




We develop "New Products" from concept to prototype, and custom co-packing resources. Some examples include Mushroom "Shakes" (mushroom based vegetable seasonings) and Youth Nutrition Bars.

Test Procedures

Test Procedures

Srim Enterprises develops testing methods and monitoring procedures for products and processes to ensure consistent quality and comply wit food safety regulations.



Srim Enterprises trains personnel in quality control, quality assurance, and sanitation.



We can troubleshoot Quality and Safety issues for a wide variety of food products manufacturing, including fruits, vegetables, pasta, bakery products, snacks and confectionery items.


Nutritional Questions/Answers

We can answer a variety of questions and concerns that most people can't get answered anywhere else. Send us questions and we will answer them through our blog or by direct email.


Srim Enterprises also develops a variety of food products. Some are already on the market and others are close to entering the market. Recent new products from Srim Enterprises include:

"No SYNTHETIC colors or preservatives in our products"

Beverages- HOT & COLD with Pro-Biotics if needed
  • Ready Drink: Carbonated, Hot Packed or HP (High Pressure Processed)
  • Dry Mixes-can be for single serve using 'Blast Cap Technology'.
  • Specialty Chai Blends
Nutrition Bars
  • Functional Nutrition Bar - Keeps you warm for outdoor winter activities
  • Youth Nutrition Bar - Provides Recommended Daily Amounts of Vitamins & Minerals

Salty Snacks
  • High Protein Snacks-Baked Chips for better Nutritional Benefit
  • Puddings made from Fruit/Vegetable Blends- for Health & Wellness

Condiments/Specialty Sauces & Spice Blends
  • HOT Dipping Sauce--Tomato based product with exotic flavors.
  • Encapsulated Spice Blends for 'Freshness' - Flavors are protected from oxidation until need.
Frozen Dairy Desserts
  • Gelato Dry Blends-Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, etc-Dry Mixes that make 'HIGH' Quality Ice Cream.
Cereal Grain Products
  • Pasta Products: Carbostar Technology (Two US Patents) for Weight Management and Diabetes (Type-2) Control.
  • 'Gluten Free' Pasta and other products
  • Shelf Stable Ready to Eat Main Meals.
Hot Breakfast Items
  • Waffles & Pancakes Dry-Mix-Organic Blend of Cereals Grains, Fruits & Vegetables-Great Tasting & preferred by Children-
Jams & Jellies
  • High Quality products for specialty market segment.



Published December 9 2007

Clay food scientist invents additive to slow the rate carbohydrates burn.

Saatwic Foods

Published October 17 2007

Addicted to Carbs? Want to make it Healthier?

Corporate Work - Private Consultancy

Published February 8 2006

Borden Foods lab was going to Ohio, and researcher didn't want to move.

The Food Detective

Published January 05 2003

Dhyaneshwar Chawan is the owner of Srim Enterprises. He's surrounded by the scientific apparatus in the food lab in the basement of his home in Liverpool, NY. His company helps food manufacturers solve quality problems and Develop New Products/Processes from Concept(idea) to Reality.

Liverpool Scientist gets approval for food patent

Published February 06 2004

LIVERPOOL - Dhyaneshwar (Danny) B. Chawan, Ph.D., a 30-year, veteran food-industry scientist has nine patents to his credit, but his latest may be the most timely and promising yet.

Other News

  • Dr. Danny Chawan was a contributor in the creation of the Thermal Bar product, an energy Snack product that also warms the body.
  • Dhyaneshwar Chawan of Srim Enterprises participates in a program at the 2007 AACC International Annual Meeting, October 7-10th, 2007, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX.
  • Srim Enterprises helps Rich Products of Buffalo, NY in identifying causes for unacceptable quality in pre-proofed frozen bread dough.
  • Srim Enterprises resolves pasta quality problem for a client in Lisbon, Portugal. Inferior quality of the raw material and process conditions were identified as the cause. Test methods were developed, and QC personnel were trained to stop this problem.
  • Custom developed a variety of mushroom based seasoning products: Shiitake, Oyster, and Champignon "shakes". Line-extension of these products are currently being tested. These are available in Specialty stores in New York State.
  • Srim Enterprises custom designed a Youth Nutrition Bar for GameBar Energy, from concept to prototype, including co-packing.
  • Srim Enterprises eliminated a quality problem in a "healthy snack" prototype for Peeled Snacks.

Contact US:

If you are in the food manufacturing business and would like consultations regarding specific products and processes, and/or process problems, look to Srim Enterprises, LLC for solutions. We bring unrivaled professional expertise and experience to the development of solutions for product development and quality control.
In general, we provide technical food services, technical food research, food control standards, quality control methods development, new product development, test procedures compliance, personnel training, health sanitation, and process troubleshooting.

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